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Why won't the program accept my account number?First make sure it has been entered correctly.  Copy-paste, don't type it. There will be more than is listed here, but we wanted to make these particular ones known right away as we anticipate they will generate the most feedback. Moreover, game content must also be finely balanced with the amount of new features that we create. Do you expect YoWorld to reach the popularity that YoVille did in 2009?

The most important reasons for this are: The game didn’t do enough to prevent people from unknowingly trading for Free Gift items in the first place. So DO NOT TRY TO MIX ACCOUNTS WITH YOUR PROGRAM, YOU WILL MESS YOUR OWN ACCOUNT. If you were banned prior to our takeover of the game, it’s not something we were involved with or have details on. We’ll be looking into the particulars of this.

Yoville On Facebook

If a response is needed, the time frame for our reply will depend on how many other tickets we have to deal with, but rest assured we’ll get to you. Playing on multiple accounts is against Facebook’s terms of service, so we would not be adding any features like this. We will absolutely never take away someone else’s items, coins or yocash without dealing with them directly. You can always draw the free images in the catalog without becoming a member.

  1. Will you be adding a way to sort our inventory items?
  2. Our children have the right to have a nice time also. 4.
  3. Finally, it seems that we may have a fix for this issue.
  4. There are a lot of reasons why we decided to do this. • Your campaigning touched us.
  5. There are plans for a new trade window which should lower the incidence of scamming.
  6. We don't have an ETA just yet, but it will be soon!
  7. Jul 09 714 By gstevenson | Important | No Comments Hey YoFans, It's been a while, we hope you're all well.
  8. See our recent post for more info: Will there still be a kids/adult server split?
  9. We think it’d be cool, at least!
  10. You can click the ‘Help’ tab to find them.

Your account is safe as long as you do not host events where you sell digital art. We’re not sure why it was taken offline, it may very well have been due to security flaws, which will pose an additional challenge. Please report posts as you come across them so we can remove troublemakers. Games Like Yoville After much deliberation, we’ve decided that the only course of action we take is to do what is fair for everyone affected.

Player Support Our team is around 5 days behind on tickets right now, and is closing the gap rapidly. Whether we admit it or not, many of us constantly scour Trading events just to be able to find great deals to profit from when we decide it's time to resell. You will soon be able to redeem gift cards and also find stores to buy them at by clicking a “Gift Card” tab on the Add YoCash screen. There are a few lingering issues which we’re still working on, let us know about any problems here: We also added filtering to apartment messages, as this was a big

This won’t happen overnight, and we’ll need your help to make it a reality. Yeovil Somerset Will you be adding more levels? And my mom said she would buy me this special discount offer. I keep reloading and it gets to 80% thereGames, Apps and CreditsAsked about 2 years ago by Lania Ridgeway5 votes · 2 followers · Seen by 105Good QuestionFollow this Question ·

Yoville Price Guide

A world isn’t any fun without people. Let us know on our facebook fan page that you've gotten this error, and what web browser version you are using. Yoville On Facebook It is also possible that yoville uses Java. Play Yoworld Without Facebook Press Alt-Shift-F2 or Alt-Shift-2 to begin drawing.  The program will ask for the identifier of the image you wish to draw.  Enter the identifier from step 1.

We received a portion of the old code in the transfer to us. Will there be a new trading system implemented to make transactions more secure? Will you let new players join again? Brass Picture Frames Problem - Solution Uncovered. 14/11/2012 By karenbatty TweetA helpful forum member uncovers a fix for the long-standing picture frame problem. Yoworld Forum

Our application is checking your account ID and is reading/downloading the images from our server while drawing.  There are many computer configurations and unfortunately we cannot cover them all. It’s early days yet and we don’t want to disappoint anyone. Account Security The only way anyone can “hack” your YoWorld account is if you give them your Facebook details, either on purpose or by accident. Read pt. 1 again.

A much better fix than  "clear your cache, refresh your browser……." Have you been a victim of the disappearing photos? Yoville App For Android This concludes our current plans for Free Gift items. See our recent post for more info: Will there still be a kids/adult server split?

The ways in which games can gain new players, communicate with existing ones, and do interesting things with walls, feeds etc have all been severely restricted. • Our focus is on

There are many cases where a trade goes ahead and both players get what they asked for, but later regret can occur. When YoVille Art announced the release of its latest program - this time for the new YoWorld paint boards - many [...] How To: Get The Best From Free Coin ChestsTweet Players who have illegitimate free gift items equipped will be ineligible to participate in any future features where appearances are the core component, for example a halloween costume contest. Yoworld Cheats Please report posts as you come across them so we can remove troublemakers.

If an account has many fraudulent items, YoCash that cannot be accounted for or other obvious signs of hacking, permanent bans will remain in place. No menu assigned! After clicking "allow", you should now be able to upload photos to this and any other brass frame that you have in your inventory as the 1 permission should cover all. I play YoVille and my children/spouse cannot do certain things together because of our conflicting IP address.

For this reason we have a policy of not reversing trades. First, download the program from the "Download" page. Letting new players in again is already in place. The forums are great because we can respond to your feedback on our updates.

But what happens when i try to load it up it just keeps on refreshing. Why did I get banned? This won’t happen overnight, and we’ll need your help to make it a reality. Moreover, game content must also be finely balanced with the amount of new features that we create.

Will you reinstate VIP membership? Never share your details with anyone. If all goes well, you should have an icon in your tray that looks like this:  This means the program is running and is ready to draw. You can only upload photos smaller than 5 MB.

After the takeover, if you get banned, we will A) make sure it’s for a good reason, B) tell you what that reason is and C) give you a clear answer Thanks for your understanding. For longer than I can remember, there has been an issue with the brass picture frames in YoVille.