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Well Pump Not Working After Freeze

What has frozen is the septic line that was origanally 4 feet under ground, so I would guess that our frost line is between 4' and 6'. I just love my well water! Wells in town are banned. I do use a blow dryer inside for small spots.

Also one thing I did not think about is that when they graded the land and filled in the trench they dug, it rained extremely hard immediately after that. kent keydl08-21-2010, 02:33 AMAnother component to frost line is moisture content of the soil, Ford County, KA has a normal 4 foot or so frost line. Suspect with your winter temps to maintain constant water supply you'll just need more of everything. This is the hum / vibration you noticing. check this link right here now

NCLee08-18-2010, 10:06 AMCanuck, while I can't help with the extreme temps, maybe I can be of help with the basics. Simply because they are easier to protect from freezing. I left work at midnight, in downtown Jacksonville, and it was 24 degrees at my farm west of town.

  • A problem is that air leaking in to the lines may not be so easy to detect unless your system has a clear plastic water filter in which you'd see bubbling
  • Reply: Michelle and Christie: Several problems can cause well pump short cycling on and off too often, though the most common one is a water-logged pressure tank.
  • Some idiot put those copper lines against the cinder blocks, in the coldest section of the house.
  • Thanks for being here because I live in the country and it is a long way to a water pump company and I would not want to have to pay for
  • Would it still do that if there was drawing air?
  • You can turn off every single electrical thing in your building except the well pump, then watch your electric meter spin.
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The heater in the pump house quit. But you might start by tightening or double-hose-clamping every accessible connection. Heat tape on all exposed plumbing with insulation on the outside of that, heat tape is down in the 10 watt range, make sure the thermostat portion of the heat tape Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on Google+Share on Linkedin ER Plumbing2015-10-17T10:28:47+00:00 Related Posts Permalink Gallery 5 Ways to Avoid Plumbing Disasters Plumbers Wish Homeowners Knew Permalink Gallery Charlotte Lawn Aeration and

When turned off about 3 minutes back up to pressure. That was a year! JaegermonsterJan. 22, 2009, 09:23 AMTHat was very helpful. I see that you blew out the line from the well pumb to the break but what about past the break?

Drilling gets you down to the water that's below the surface. new well runs out of water (Aug 12, 2014) Barbara said: I pumped my well dry by leaving a faucet on. James ozzymanii · 8 years ago 0 Thumbs up 0 Thumbs down Comment Add a comment Submit · just now Report Abuse You didn't say if this is a deep or The night before last, the water in my house stopped working.

I'd like to not have to use the heater, but I understand that if the system freezes up I risk damaging my submersible pump, a $3,000 repair. Is that because the water only will not rise above the water table? As for leaving a faucet dripping: I did that once in the kitchen and the drain froze overnight. I leave the water in our water trough for the cows at a trickle.

We had a sand point years back when we lived on the lake. navigate here Check the current draw on the well circuit and figure you've either got a wiring short or a seized pump motor. kimmi_35 · 8 years ago 0 Thumbs up 0 Thumbs down Comment Add a comment Submit · just now Report Abuse Could be several things. PS, don't insulate until you get water. 01-04-2010, 02:47 PM mannyp02 172 posts, read 686,088 times Reputation: 83 Forgive me if this is an ignorant question but I can't

The piping from the well leaves our well casing six feet below the ground level and stays that depth until under the house. Login to DoItYourself Username: Password: Forgot username or password? You can only upload a photo or a video. Check This Out Reply: Indeed the same debris that clogs a foot valve can clog the small diameter tube through which water pressure is transmitted to the pump pressure control switch.

I reduced the pressure tank from its 1 1/4 inch outlet down to 1 inch for the T connections. Is it possible the foot valve failed at the same time, this seems odd but possible. No fittings in the stores left.

It would not stay in the on position.

It's for this reason that I like the "garden hose" pump prime method. I would agree that if someone left a pump running dry for more than a minute or so there is good risk that it would be damaged. I want to ride horses in green grass and sunshine! :) Here's to hoping you thaw out with no damage! Need assistance or advice regarding Charlotte plumbing service companies?

Last night, I replaced the pump control box hoping that it was the problem with no luck. When the water pump is running it only gets to 25 to 30 psi and stay srunning all the time. When I returned from work that evening and turned the valve on I could hear the water running through and after sputtering a bit I now have water throughout my house! There was no water anywhere in the house so I assumed it must be the main line coming into the house in the crawlspace.

And we may have bigger problems. Question: ran the well dry, now no water, what's wrong? we have not had any problems since. If it gets into the 30s here.

Question: (Oct 15, 2014) Bonobos Marcos said: I was having issues with low pressure on all of my water devices. When it was bored in 1974 county didn't require testing. The more pipe that has to be pulled the harder the task. Probably costs more now to lose the "legal" use of our good well water that we paid to have dug.