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Wd Tv Live Composite Not Working

I get a Vertically Split screen when I try to use it with my TV. WD must provide this as soon as possible. It sounds to me like your TV doesn't support 480p+. Select [email protected] (the highest for me).9. Source

The video input is not anything special. How do I 'try the composite output to see if [I]get any picture'? Evita que se te escape, haz otra oferta. The screen is always black on all resolution and colors.

The best image I can manage is a split screen at standard PAL settings.   Suggestions have been made elsewhere that the lack of interlace support at lower resolutions may be They are pricey but it is an option. Logged October 25, 2009, 11:54:07 AMReply #2 jayallan Administrator Hero Member Offline 1172 Re: WDTV Live woes: or how to get 1080p over COMPONENT swartz,You wrote a very informative post here. Toslink audio to Yamaha DTS receiver.

Once they got my money, it's mission accomplished for these guys. I don't understand why now it doesn't work with wd tv live. If that still doesn't do anything, then either your WD's component port is dead, or the cable is bad. You are using a CRT ?  If you are using NTSC set to 60Hz / 480p and PAL use 50Hz 576p.

Several of the other threads I have been looking at suggested that there are loose cables or that I had plugged it into the wrong plug on the back of the I have an old philips flat plasma tv of 2001. no one else has this problem? Toslink audio to Yamaha DTS receiver.

Notice that this patch doesn't even appear in the release notes. It got fixed under Warranty, luckily. Intenta volver a ofertar. You could also try the composite output to see if you get any picture - ensure you plug into the correct output jack on the WDTV.

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  3. Remember the WDTV is a very small portion of their product line.
  4. I know that the WDTV player should output interlaced format too..
  5. Thanks for telling me the model of your TV.That is correct.Is there a set of circumstances where such file would not be created?Any way to log the process of the HDMI
  6. More likely it is against their manufacturing agreements.
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  9. It may even very well be against licensing agreements that WD has.

o superior. richUK 2010-01-10 19:12:40 UTC #17 reach_michael wrote: Hi Keithb   I would do that , however my wdtv live does not give me any options other than progressive.. BTW The HD Fury would solve your problem. Logged November 06, 2009, 12:11:17 PMReply #8 swartz Newbie Offline 14 Re: WDTV Live woes: or how to get 1080p over COMPONENT Hi GuyWD,Any updates on this issue?

Solution: You will need to reset the video setting to the needed configuration for your output type. this contact form Aprox. To test the cable, plug the COMPOSITE cable into the COMPONENT output of the WD, then: YELLOW is the same as GREEN WHITE is the same as BLUE RED is the Click OK to confirm resolution change.

YOU ROCK!! Putting artificial restrictions takes more time (time=money) than just to leave it unhindered. I have no idea where you'd find compatible cables in stores. have a peek here A system error was encountered during your request.

Counter to what WD is officially "supporting".After following these steps my TV confirms it's getting 1080p over component. I was just looking at it on It takes and HD 1080p (or less) signal in through HDMI, strips the HDCP and outputs full 1080p via component. No Network set up yet.

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They have to follow rules that don't apply to the Chinese manufacturers. Si resides en un país miembro de la Unión Europea aparte del Reino Unido, los impuestos de importación de esta compra no se pueden recuperar. If you select YUV this glitch wont work fully (only lasts in confirm resolution screen, when OK-ed, reverts back).6. Something like:"we cannot support this because current legislation, treaty, or agreement with X, Y, and/or Z prohibits us from allowing this feature to be enabled.

Informar acerca de un artículo - se abre en una nueva ventana o pestaña Descripción actual Envíos y pagos Inglés Esta herramienta de traducción es solo para tu comodidad. I guess they sent me a cheap one, eh? But you already know this and are the one who brought this to their attention. Check This Out For whatever reason (hollywood interests prolly) WDTV Live officially does not support 1080p over composite cables.Coz' you know that's like unprotected hi-def video and all...

and the less limitations they have, the bigger the price tag. I had a similar problem a year ago when I just got my WDTV. Video is sent to both Component and Composite at the same time. Más información(se abre en una nueva ventana o pestaña) Devoluciones: 30 días,devolución de dinero,el comprador paga por la devolución del artículo | Ver detalles Garantía: Devolución de tu dinero Cubierto por

I believe there is also a clone made by Vu with the same model LC-47R27What I can add is when I connect WDTV Live to my LCD monitor model Acer x263wbi it didn't all go to waste it turns out. my TV is a projector.  it's probably YUV,  but I've tried both. It is totally your right to bitch about it, and it is your right to seek another product if this one does not satisfy your specific needs.

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as to the first, I've not idea why to toggle, so I didn't do it  as I know what the TV's are. Buenas noticias: eres el máximo postor.