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Why Is My Electric Hot Water Tank Not Working


I dont understand how this works. Action: Open top cover and use nose and eyes to inspect. Thermostats are calibrated for approximate temperature, and can change over time. External metal shell can dent without causing problem as long as element-thermostat covers are not pushed against electrical parts, and water connections are good. (Drop gas water heater will probably break navigate here

Weight of water will stablize tank while you push and twist element wrench. Then check again at 1000 ohms if the meter had shown no reading. Always check the water heater power to be sure its off. Action: make sure breaker is 30 amp and wire is 10 Gauge 7) Flooded water heater must be replaced: How to reset circuit breaker Circuit breaker can look ok, but

My Water Heater Is Not Heating Water

You’ll need a long, sturdy Phillips screwdriver to turn the socket. No, > if tank can freeze > then turn thermostat down to lowest setting Or drain heater. Electric water heaters look similar to their gas fueled cousin. Remove covers on water heater see image so you have access to thermostats and elements. 2.

The tester should light up, indicating a complete circuit. There are no moving parts to speak of and repairs, when needed, are easy to make.In this tutorial I will walk you through some of the most common electric water heater Replace both thermostats. Electric Water Heater Thermostat Metal shell protects wiring. 1) Steel tank holds pressure of hot water. 2) Steel tank can be rusted and leaking.

See Electric Water Heater Reset & Temp Set. Explosion Hazard. Figure volts amps watts of water heater Nearby lightning strike can cause unusual and isolated events. Replace the insulation and metal covers.

Circuit breaker that cuts power at service panel <> 2. How To Test Water Heater Element Of course, there are other potential causes of a lack of hot water. See image Without insulation, Thermostat exposed to room temperaturewill misread temperature and cause overheating. 2) Make sure thermostat sits flat against tank wall. Open bathtub spout.

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  2. Eighteen years is good life for a water heater, but your problem doesn't necessarily mean yours needs to be replaced.
  3. ECO trips when wire gauge is too small for element wattage, causing heat that trips ECO.
  4. While this was happening, the water heater knocked a few times.
  5. If you have power at the panel but not at the heater, there's an open wire in the circuit 2.

Electric Water Heater Reset Button

Photo Credit: Julia Nichols / Getty Images Updated October 26, 2016. We have no relationship with advertisers, products, or services discussed at this website. My Water Heater Is Not Heating Water Green links show where you are. © Copyright 2015, All Rights Reserved. How To Tell If Electric Water Heater Is Working How to test elements 6) Thermostat set too high.

Follow the links to read more about those. How to inspect water heater for leak ✔ Sludge/ odor Open drain valve and water is white, gray, brown, black, etc. If not, then either the thermostat is bad or you need a wiring diagram to ensure that all the wires go the right place. TP valve and ECO prevent water heater explosion. Gas Water Heater Not Working

Look at diagram on left: 240V arrives at L1 and L3 screws of top thermostat <> when ECO is tripped, L1 and L3 screws are hot but electricity stops there. Action: Wiggle breaker and listen for crackling sound and smell of burning. Power enters the top and runs to the high-temperature cutoff switch, and then to the thermostats and elements. When the upper heating element has heated the water to its cutoff temperature (which won't happen if you continue drawing hot water rapidly out of the tank), it allows the lower

If you hear a hissing sound at an electric water heater that may be "normal" as the electric heating elements are heating up. Electric Hot Water Heater Not Working After Power Outage The articles at this website will answer most questions about electrical water heaters as well as many other building plumbing system inspection or defect topics. Water tank manufacturers do NOT want anyone to add insulation to the exterior their water tanks (safety concerns) and may even void the warranty if someone does so.

is scalding and a mixing valve may be needed for safety.

only copper wire should be under screw plate. Read about hydrogen Read more See larger image Larger image See larger Troubleshooting part 1: Reset button and tank safety Red reset button or 'high limit control' or Energy Cut Off If you change anything, the top thermostat is most suspect. Not Enough Hot Water From Electric Water Heater Well water has high iron content, flush tank periodically Rusty water can indicate rusted water heater.

Actions: Check wire nuts at top of water heater. See SCALDING TEMPERATURES & TIMES Accessing the Electrical Wiring on the Water Heater Behind each electric water heater panel you will see electrical wiring, a thermostat with a pointer and temperature Please enter a valid email address. weblink Tank is full of water.

For example basement room addition, or water well. I've heard that these Apcom thermastats stink ( and my experience has proved it). Now it keeps blowing the fuse. The two access panels permit inspection, adjustment of the thermostat(s), access to an internal reset switch (that you may not have known about), and access to electrical wiring as well as

You may also find a continuity tester called a “water heater tester” near the replacement elements. It might have started with a fuse that wasn't screwed in tight, or a wire that wasn't securely connected to the fuse box. Search the InspectApedia website HTML Comment Box is loading comments... It’s basically a light bulb and battery with two wires attached.

Also, if the high limit didn't click when you pressed it, the limit might be working OK and not be the problem. Flooded water heater 11) Undersized wire from breaker can cause overheated wire, but should trip breaker instead of tank ECO. Once water reaches 150-180 F, the ECO trips and turns off electricity to water heater. 2. Bad wire.

In the case you describe the problem could be a bad second heating element OR the thermostat unit itself could be defective. Shorted element. ✔ Breakertripping: Inspect water heater for signs of leaking/ do not touch wet water heater Causes leaking water heater Sign in Share More Report Need to report the video? With the power still turned off, close the cold-water inlet valve (Figure A).

If a leak remains from the valve, replace the T&P valve. Turn off electricity to water heater. The label on the water heater indicates what voltage the water heater requires. HOMEABOUTCONTACTCOPYDESCRIPTIONPOLICIESPRINTPRIVACY© 2016 LOST?

If you find any leak to ground, replace the element.