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Why would I continue purchasing extra e cash or deluxe memberships when everything always freezes and wastes my time and money. I am so frustrated. Skip to content Advanced Projects Skins Texture Packs Servers Mods Blogs Banners Contests Members Forum Chat - Rules Print view FAQ Register Any Webkinz Players? THEY NEED TO BE STOPPED.THANKS, AGAIN FOR YOUR OUTLET.GLEN FREEMANReplyDeleteAnonymous4/09/2009 2:10 PMPuy in code for Kinz Klip before upgrade. have a peek here

Username: Please do not enter your child's Webkinz Newz account or any Webkinz World™ account here. We have tried unsuccessfully to contact webkinz support through their website. I'm lucky so far I guess, none of my rooms or pets have gone missing, but I logged in today to find that my active pet was naked, and he had April 3, 2008 at 7:58 PM Anonymous said...

Webkinz Not Loading After Login

I PAID GOOD MONEY AND YOU GUYS JUST HAVE TO MESS IT UP! We're FED UP !!! I just bought it yesterday!!!! I have left numerous emails and all I have gotten were the generic auto response emails.

  1. My daughter has a webkinz account with four pets.
  2. Can no longer buy them anywhere expcept thru EBAY, yet to progress through the forrest, I need to buy 8 charms...They need to fix this or remove the Charm section.
  4. February 19, 2008 at 10:17 AM Anonymous said...
  5. Lori Anderson Grimm · 5 November 2013 - 16:48 0 United States · Comcast Cable been trying off and on for 2 hours wont log on!!!
  6. December 24, 2008 at 8:38 PM Anonymous said...
  7. yeah, that's it.
  8. I was finally able to name the rooms, although using limited words, such as "pig", "jungle", not the pet's name.

anymore - always at 100. I think with the amount of money people have invested in their pets and this site they could hire quality professional software engineers to maintain their site. Today, 3/6/2008. Why Wont My Webkinz Account Load IF I COILD ASCERTAIN MR GANZ E-MAIL I WOULD NOT BE BOTHERING YOU, THANKS FOR LISTENING GRACE JANE DOSTOUReplyDeleteCherry Horton Reidenbach1/15/2009 10:44 AMWell, it's January 15, 2009 and the furniture loading

The game disappears and the charm forest appears. They asked us if we wanted to install firefox just incase it didn't work. My kid got a mini laptop and we can't get the webkinz to come up on the screen. I have tried everything, and I have 3 very upset kids.

January 8, 2008 at 9:38 AM talorel said... Why Wont Webkinz Load He is employed by One America in IPLS. I haven't even been able to use it. He was lucky.

How To Make Webkinz Run Faster

I wish the site would work. December 6, 2008 at 5:59 PM Anonymous said... Webkinz Not Loading After Login I am SOOOOO frustrated with Ganz. Why Is Webkinz So Laggy 2016 Merge a Ganz Parents Club Account If you have a Ganz Parents Club account that you'd like to combine with your account (), you can enter you login information below.

is this normal? navigate here Is that a real person or a virtual one? I PROPOSE WE PLAN A DAY AND HAVE A BIG WEBKINZ BONFIRE.PERSONALLY, I DON'T THINK RETAILERS WILL GIVE A DAMN ABOUT OUR PROBLEMS PARTICULARLY IN TODAYS ECONOMY. GanzWorld Rules GanzWorld Terms of Use By clicking 'I Accept' I acknowledge reading and agreeing to the GanzWorld Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Webkinz Running Slow

I did everything the topic suggested: I have downloaded the newest flashplayer, made sure my pop up blocker is off, made sure my internet security program allows the Webkinz website, and already have everything set up ... My mom called again today, and the same woman told us she could not fix it twice. even though i log into my account every day with my password ..

July 6, 2008 at 7:35 AM Cassie said... Why Is Webkinz So Slow My sister and I decided to go and buy ourselves one, and we weren't quite so lucky. PrisonLifeMC [3in1 Server] Looking for STAFF and YOUTUBERS (25) Started 10/16/2016/ TheWranger said 11/16/2016/ bump...

I'm so sick of my child being bumped off in the middle of a game.

Download it for FREE: Google Play Store: Need a builder (0) Started 11/16/2016/ PrinceJoey64050 said 11/16/2016/ Looking for a few builders pro maybe 1-2, If you remember timeless pvp we are trying to make a spaw... I know this isn't a case of someone taking them as you can't steal or give away a room. Webkinz Login Not Working I getting mad because I havent ben able to water my plants.

My mom just brought both my son and daughter new webkinz back from the States and I am afraid to let them adopt them because they can't even log in!!! Probably the server is overloaded, down or unreachable because of a network problem, outage or a website maintenance is in progress... It's very bizarre!ReplyDeleteAnonymous1/02/2008 6:36 PMI am having the same problem with the woman with the backpack. We are lo... ?UltraCraft's Server Events? - Towny | Survival | Skyblock | (8) Started 10/18/2016/ ChitterChatter_ said 11/16/2016/ New & Exciting things coming to UltraCraft!!!

I am going to try both e-mailing them and calling them and hopefully between them I can get something done. Play fun games and activities! Now when we invite one another and accept, it says loged out while waiting on the other to repsond. May 29, 2008 at 4:08 PM Lovegirl98 said...

If can't maintain the hardware necessary to host the children, perhaps they should stop continuing to sell the Webkinz until they are able. Imagine a child carrying a little coin purse filled with all their money in it as they entered a store to purchase a toy they worked days to earn. WE PLAN TO GATHER UP ALL THE WEBKINZ ANIMALS AND RETURN THEM TO THE RETAILER AS DEFECTED AND ASK FOR OUR MONEY BACK. Internet provider even gave me new router.

This really, really stinks-- January 5, 2008 at 2:52 AM Anonymous said... Please create a GanzWorld username and enter your password below: Username: Password: Confirm Password: Your new GanzWorld account login information will be emailed to you shortly.