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Wii Fit Board Sensor Not Working


The seven-second trick worked for me too! That was just what I needed. 1/09/2010 06:50:00 PM Anonymous said... Aloha, Teri & Naomi San ;) 1/31/2012 04:17:00 PM jeanmcc said... Does anyone know if NIMH batteries are okay to use with the Wii Remotes?

Thanks 4/03/2010 09:57:00 PM Cliff said... Reply Hazel View January 22, 2013 Tried this on a 4-year old wii balance board (Jan 2013) and it worked perfectly. I was using the rechargeable battery pack. Use the Wii Remote to select the Disc Channel on the Wii Menu screen and select START.

Wii Balance Board Won't Turn On

Please help me!!!! 12/24/2010 12:46:00 PM Anonymous said... Either I was really lucky and got the "bad" one the first try or maybe they all need to be done but mine worked right after doing one foot. My little Makita 12V set at 4 worked well for me. This was incredibly helpful.

But we are also having trouble with the Wii-motes losing sync when the cursor goes off the screen, as well as strange behavior such as upside cursor and left being right/vice Reply amber View September 22, 2011 thanks, the unscrew solution worked! Reply Chris View December 19, 2010 Thanks for the info. Wii Balance Board Battery Compartment Replacement Thank you so much! 4/08/2009 03:45:00 PM Anonymous said...

Worked wonderfully- didn't have to waste $50 to get this fixed… Or $90+ to replace it!! Wii Fit Board Flashes Then Goes Off There are many reasons why your Wii balance board may not be functioning correctly. The rechargeable packs. WEIGHT ft.

Reply Sandra View January 21, 2011 Ferdi's solution from August 15th worked!!!! Wii Balance Board Battery Case Reply Chris View August 26, 2010 Reseating the sensors (as jim says above) worked perfectly. Syncing can be completed only if a compatible game disc is running in the console. The board syncs up fine and the self test says all is OK.

Wii Fit Board Flashes Then Goes Off

works fine and was sorted in 5 minutes.

Can't believe it but i'm so glad..i hope it works for others! Wii Balance Board Won't Turn On Then yesterday, in the middle of a game I got this message saying "To start, please step off me and press A" Problem is, I would step off and nothing would Smart Balance Board Not Working I'd consider taking out the batteries for a few minutes and then retrying.

Another satisfied customer. have a peek at these guys I'm very impressed that I received a new board today when: 1) I only dropped it off yesterday and 2) they shipped it UPS ground. Took the feet off and metal plates, put em back on. It galls me, because vendors will push these products upon us at discounted prices, but in the long run Nintendo personnel have stated unequivocally that these things have caused problems and Calibrate Wii Balance Board Weight

  1. The blue light of the board is always on and will only be turned off if i take the batteries out!
  2. Oddly, when you select "Settings" from the Wii Fit main menu, the diagnostics all check out okay.
  3. thanx anyway Reply Anonymous View February 19, 2010 My husband just bought me the wii fit.
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Before touching the motherboard, ground yourself by touching the metal frame of the balance board to prevent electrical damage. Wii Discs Eject on Their Own Wii: How to Receive Images with Emails Fixed! After doing this attach the foot and plastic piece and screw the three screws in most of the way. Press the Wii board button...wait about 7 seconds...and then press the Wii console button.

But with one final desperate troll of the internet for a solution came upon the re-seating fix.. Wii Balance Board Troubleshooting Power The Wii Fit game must actually be loaded and running. Too bad the store I bought it from had a deal that packaged the after market battery pack with the Wii Fit, but I am outside the 30 day return. 1/25/2009

Press the red "sync" button on the Wii-mote, and then quickly (while the front blue lights are blinking), press the red "sync" button on the Wii.

You rock indeed!! Time Machine Backup to Network Device for Mac Hidden Mickeys at Disneyland How to Upgrade AT&T Blackberry to v4.5 Device OS How to Upgrade Hard Drive on the Mac Mini How I didn't have the right torx bit, but managed to get two of the sensors loosened with a hex tool. Sync Wii Balance Board Its a really stupid feature, though. 4/01/2010 12:25:00 PM Nat said...

SuperKick3r 10,006 views 1:14 Two games to extend your Wii balance board - Duration: 1:49. Worked like a charm and only took a few minutes. ­čÖé THANK YOU !!!! Post a comment to report your troubleshooting steps, or just to vent! this content Loading...

I asked them for a calibration procedure but they told me there isn't any. Presumably if there was a stuck gyrometer or something, this would unstick it. Loading... Reply chloe View October 9, 2011 I bought a used wii that came with the wii fit board when we tried to use it it did not work frustrated i looked

Verify that the batteries have been installed correctly. It worked perfectly for us! The plastic cover is damaged.¶ "The white plastic cover for your balance board has a big crack or is significantly warped." The plastic cover has cracks in it or is warped.¶ Got to the reset the sensors stuff and took one foot off, loosened the torx screw and put it back together.

I had to use a drill with the torx bit in order to get the sensor plates off, but once I was able to do that, I just hand tightened the If you open one up you can see for yourself, it's got one small circuit board and a lot of empty space. I was so enthusiastic about the balance board that I bought a second one for the rest of the family: the problem is that our Wii console refuses to sync with Here's how: - Remove the foots from each corner using a normal Phillips Screwdriver. - (keep them in the right order to put back later) - Loosen (remove) the "stress sensors"

Thanks so much for posting the unscrewing solution. As I had done it the first time I thought it would be straightforward. We then follow the steps for entering height and age and then when it comes to the "body test" stage, it instructs us to turn the power on and stand on is it broken or something? 12/07/2010 07:26:00 AM Anonymous said...